2014 World Finals

Congratulations to

Martin Naude (1st Place)
Krzysztof Przybylski (2nd Place)
Daria Demina (3rd Place)

Among the 12 World Finalists were superstars from India, Poland, Russia, Portugal, South Africa, Canada and the US. The group of Finalists included Professionals and several Postgraduate as well as Undergraduate Students.

The Final Hurdle

On Saturday August 2nd, our Top 12 tackled a challenge inspired by leading humanitarian relief and advocacy agency, World Vision. The Case Study pushed our Finalists to individually develop a full submission – their Game Plan – in only 4 hours, to address engagement across the organization and in its communities. Each of the Finalists’ Game Plans can be viewed at www.theloyaltygames.com/finals. The Finalists were interviewed about their Game Plans by members of the judging panel, which included eminent figures in Loyalty Marketing and Gamification.



Download the Finals Case Study

Download the Finals Case Study

Read our 12 Finalists’ Game Plans

On Saturday August 2, 2014, our 12 World Finalists completed the Final Case Study Challenge of LoyaltyGames 2014. They were tasked with responding to various engagement issues facing leading advocacy and humanitarian relief agency, World Vision and its Global Week of Action 2015. Below are each of our Finalists’ Game Plans, unedited. All of their work was completed in only 4 hours. The last step – perhaps most daunting – is for our Finalists to be interviewed about their Game Plan by members of the judging panel, which includes international experts in Loyalty Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Rewards and Gamification.

See Andre's Game Plan

See Andre’s Game Plan

See Daria's Game Plan

See Daria’s Game Plan

See Sebastian's Game Plan

See Sebastian’s Game Plan

See Sascha's Game Plan

See Sascha’s Game Plan

See Mayur's Game Plan

See Mayur’s Game Plan

See Kirill's Game Plan

See Kirill’s Game Plan

See Martin's Game Plan

See Martin’s Game Plan

See Dave's Game Plan

See Dave’s Game Plan

See Achint's Game Plan

See Achint’s Game Plan

See Chris' Game Plan

See Chris’ Game Plan

See Brian's Game Plan

See Brian’s Game Plan

See Oliver's Game Plan

See Oliver’s Game Plan


Meet the 12 Finalists

“Renaissance Man”

“Dynamic Daria”

“Super G”

“The Goto Guy”

“The Strategist”

“Special K”

“The Technologist”

“Versatile Veteran”

“The Gamificator”

“The Catalyst”

“The Indubitable”

“The X-Factor”


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