LoyaltyGames Uses Technology Platform HackerRank

HackerRank1HackerRank is the global platform of choice for the annual Professional Services Champions League (PSCL) events, official world championship competitions for the consulting and professional services industries. HackerRank powers more than 10,000 annual competitors from business and industry with analytical business talents in the Big Data World Championships (TEXATA), Financial Modeling World Championships (ModelOff) and Loyalty Rewards and Gamification World Championships (LoyaltyGames).

“The HackerRank advantage is the seamlessness of the technology platform and the world-class 24/7 customer service experience. We’ve partnered with HackerRank from day one, as they deeply understand the excellence required to meet the competition needs of the best and brightest professionals, communities and global business sponsors. 10/10.” – Johann Odou, Chief Executive Officer, PSCL


The HackerRank PSCL Case Study


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