Achint Nigam

  • Name:
    “The Gamificator”
  • Background:
    FPM (doctoral) student
  • Company :
    Indian Institute of Management
  • Link:
  • From:
    Lucknow, India
  • Age:

See my Game Plan
Regarded among his peers as one of the world’s hardest working and respected practitioners in the Asian Gamification industry, Achint Nigam will be hard to beat. Currently India’s more celebrated Gamification practitioner, Achint naturally starred among the world’s best performers in the Gamification sections of Rounds 1 and 2. Achint believes that games have the power to engage at the highest order, and was actually one of the very first people to register to compete in LoyaltyGames. His passion for education, continuous learning and games-based engagement will be exciting to watch in the Finals.

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