André Carreiro

  • Name:
    “Renaissance Man”
  • Background:
    PhD Student, Biomedical Engineering
  • Company :
    INESC-ID and Instituto Superior Técnico
  • Link:
  • From:
    Lisbon, Portugal
  • Age:

See my Game Plan
André is unlike other world finalists as he arrives from a medical field (thus a non-business background). André is a Biomedical Engineering PhD student from Lisbon with a current dissertation title: “An integrative mining approach to unravel prognostic markers in neurodegenerative diseases from omics and clinical data”. André also has an entrepreneurial flair and is passionate about everything from medicine to physics, and biology to mathematics – so it’s no real surprise to see someone so gifted can reach the World Finals. His Linkedin profile mentions he likes “volleyball, video editing, singing” – something tells us that André is the modern renaissance man and excels at anything he applies his mind to. Without any Spanish representation in the Top 12 (very surprising given the local strength of Spanish Loyalty and Gamification communities), the Portuguese journeyman joins the Polish and Russian Finalists as flying the flag for the Iberian Peninsula and a potential European victory.

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