Dave Neuman

  • Name:
    “Versatile Veteran”
  • Background:
    Director of Consulting Services
  • Company :
    SPR Companies
  • Link:
  • From:
    Milwaukee, United States
  • Age:

See my Game Plan
The seasoned business and technology professional is among the most versatile of all World Top 12 Finalists – with wide-ranging experience as a developer, field engineer, systems integrator, consultant, project management, technical architect, pre-sales, business development, marketing, manager, director, entrepreneur, coach and community advocate. Performed best in Round 1 and Round 2 around strategy – and will be a real favourite with the interview sessions with Judges. Dave currently is Director of Consulting Services as SPR – providing Fortune 1000 and mid-market companies with world-class technology solutions and in-demand talent through its family of companies — Redpoint Technologies, MPS Partners and TAP Group. If experience matters (and often it does!) – Dave will be a real chance at upsetting some more technically polished specialist rivals with his unique blend of situational leadership and ability to cut through complexity. Could be a surprise packet for a Top 3 World Podium Finish.

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