Martin Naude

  • Name:
    "The Technologist"
  • Background:
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Company :
  • Link:
  • From:
    Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Age:

See my Game Plan
South African Martin Naude is Chief Technology Officer at Entelect Solutions as well as MD of Encentivize. Naude has 15+ years’ experience in business and technology strategy, technology and strategy consulting, cloud computing strategy, business development, product development strategy will make him a formidable World Finalist. Entelect is one of South Africa’s leading software engineering and solutions companies. Naude showed disciplined and composed performances to finish in the Top 5 of Round 1 and Round 2. He will no doubt have tricks up his sleeve come the World Finals. Solid performances in Loyalty Rewards sections of Round 2 – including three perfect scores in “Strategic Review of Loyalty Program”, Mobile Marketing recommendations and Coca-Cola Case Study. Naude’s business technology experience and passion for Technology R&D/Innovation will be real differentiators in the finals presentations and interviews.

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