The 2014 Loyalty and Gamification World Championships (“LoyaltyGames”) is a FREE online competition for students and professionals to test and develop their skills and understanding of Gamification and Loyalty Marketing. Mastering these two disciplines has become increasingly important for any company or organization wanting to motivate and drive user engagement among customers, employees and their relevant communities.

Competitors will individually work through a variety of fun and interactive Multiple Choice Questions relating to Case Studies, theoretical concepts and real world challenges. Rounds 1 & 2 will be held simultaneously around the world and conducted online over a 2-hour period.

LoyaltyGames 2014 is a World Championship Event independently organized and administered by the Professional Services Champions League (PSCL).

The Official Question Design Framework for the 2014 Loyalty and Gamification World Championships has been released.


We have separated the Loyalty and Gamification sections to clearly outline the educational skills and technical expertise for the World Championship event. Round 1 and Round 2 Questions will be based around this framework exclusively. Competitors will complete a variety of multiple-choice questions and case studies that test skills and expertise in Loyalty and Gamification. There will be a strong focus on exploring the real-life business approaches and techniques that drive improved user engagement among customers, employees and communities.

The dynamic overlap between the two industries is exciting. Expect some questions and case studies will focus on real-world independencies and interrelationships. Most questions will be case study multiple-choice format. Some may require written responses. Please check the website for free preparatory materials before Rounds 1.
Industry Sectors
The core of the 2014 curricula will be based around Retail, Financial Services, Mobile and Social Technologies and HR/Employee Engagement. Additional industry subject matters may be tested, but will not be the focus of the Question Design team.
Round 1 will be conducted online for 2 hours simultaneously worldwide on July 12, 2014. The Top 50% of participants will progress to Round 2 on July 26, 2014. The top competitors will progress to the World Finals, also held online, on August 9, 2014.
Loyalty and Gamification Skills
Testing will be balanced between Quantitative and Qualitative skills.
Examples of Quantitative Skills include: Measuring Mobile ROI on Loyalty Program; Designing Recommendation Engines; Gamified Mechanics
Examples of Qualitative Skills include: Understanding of Systems Thinking; Behavioural Frameworks; Gamification Player Types; Brand Management
Education and Continuous Learning
LoyaltyGames is designed to help deepen people’s understanding of the increasingly important Loyalty and Gamification disciplines. We will be releasing an illustrative “Trial Question” Guide prior to the competition. Questions and suggested solutions will be made available at the end of LoyaltyGames 2014 for free.

If you have any further ideas or comments regarding LoyaltyGames 2014, feel free to email us:

Competition Timeline

Online Case Study Style Questions
July 12, 2014

Online Case Study Style Questions
July 26, 2014

World Championship Finals
August 9, 2014


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