World Finals LoyaltyGames 2014

The 12 Finalists in the 2014 Loyalty and Gamification World Championships have been announced. Among the 12 are superstars from India, Poland, Russia, Portugal, South Africa, Canada and the US. The Finalists include Professionals and several Postgraduate as well as Undergraduate Students.

The Final Hurdle

This Saturday our Top 12 face their final hurdle – a challenge inspired by leading aid agency, World Vision. The Case Study will push our Finalists to individually develop a full submission – their Game Plan – in only 4 hours, to address engagement across the organization and in its communities. Each of the Finalists’ Game Plans will be made publicly available early next week for you to read and review. The Finalists will then be interviewed about their Game Plan by members of the judging panel, which includes 12 eminent figures in Loyalty Marketing and Gamification. The Finalists’ work as well as their performance in their interview, will determine who is crowned the Inaugural LoyaltyGames World Champion. The Winners will be announced in our Finals Video Broadcast, which will be live streamed on Saturday August 9, 2014, starting at 9am San Francisco time.


Get involved

Over the next few weeks we’ll take you close to the heat of the action. We’ll be bringing you Finalist profiles, their full Case Study Game Plans, as well as showing you our competitors’ own video diary commentaries. We welcome your thoughts as the World Champion is decided, tweet us @loyaltygames.

Meet the 2014 Finalists

“Renaissance Man”

“Dynamic Daria”

“Super G”

“The Goto Guy”

“The Strategist”

“Special K”

“The Technologist”

“Versatile Veteran”

“The Gamificator”

“The Catalyst”

“The Indubitable”

“The X-Factor”

Competition Timeline

Online Case Study Style Questions
July 12, 2014

Online Case Study Style Questions
July 26, 2014

World Championship Finals
August 9, 2014


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International Loyalty Expert

Strategic Development Expert

Creative Development Expert

Enterprise Gamification Expert

Gamification Pioneer

International Gamification Expert

Gamification Model Canvas

International Gamification Expert

International Loyalty Expert

International Mobile Marketing Expert

International Loyalty Expert

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