About LoyaltyGames

Loyalty, Rewards and Gamification are among the fastest growing and critically important disciplines within Professional Services and Enterprise worldwide. The omnipotence power of social, digital marketing and mobile platforms makes these skills more important. LoyaltyGames, the Loyalty and Gamification World Championships, is a challenging case study event that promotes analytical skills for professionals and students working in Loyalty Marketing, Rewards Programs, Management Consulting, Gamification, Games-Based Learning and other innovative industries.

LoyaltyGames’ major sponsors are the most reputable institutions and associations that strive to foster the future of Loyalty, Rewards and Gamification industry education. Participants from more than 110 countries participate in the competition to build their technical skills, learn cutting-edge business concepts and represent their organization and country at the World Finals. The reigning world champion is 35 year-old South African technologist, Martin Naude.

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